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Personifying Your Brand

You’re sending your sales guy to that big networking event. He’s going to generate leads and build your position as an authority in the field. Sales guy has been with the company for a while now, but lately he’s been looking a little…haggard.

As he’s heading out the door, you take in his rumpled corduroy jacket and Christmas tree tie. It’s not a bad tie except it’s February. You notice he has grisly scratch marks on his face. He’d mentioned he got a new cat recently. He mumbles goodbye with a droopy wave.

You hope for the best despite the unease washing over you. Perhaps they’ll find the Christmas tree tie charming.

You’d definitely recognize if your sales guy wasn’t representing your business well. Do you know if your brand is representing your business well?

Everyone communicates the essence of who they are through their face, their style, and their personality. An effective brand does the same for your company

The face of your brand is your logo. Just like a person’s face is their most recognizable feature, your logo should be recognizable to customers even if they’ve never interacted with your company. Good logos are unique, meaningful, reproduce well within a variety of settings, and free of wounds from fickle felines.

Often we recognize someone just by their style, even when we can’t see their face. Your brand’s style includes identity components like company color palette and fonts, plus other cues like imagery and design that bring consistency. Company identity can’t be thrown together with whatever elements happen to be lying around. You have to be strategic to avoid the Christmas in corduroy vibe.

After getting to know someone’s face and style, we start to recognize the unique attributes of their personality. For your company, these are the values and attitudes that shape how you interact with your customers; qualities like your tone and values. Effective company brand personalities are authentic while remaining relatable and consistent.

Let’s take a look at a company that’s integrated their brand into their business really well.

Pine Landscape

We got to help Pine Landscape Center develop a new brand that remains true to their roots as a family-owned business located on their fourth generation family farm outside Lawrence.

Here’s their new logo or “face” of their business.

The logo celebrates the farm’s influence on the business with inspiration from legacy seed and farm supply packaging paired with the bold, clean lines of modern design. Its rounded corners and sharp lines speak to a well-executed landscape design.

We equipped Pine with an identity and style guide that includes other logo variations and badges that apply variety to their brand while remaining consistent.

We also gave them a color palette that honors the natural elements they work with.

Finally, we helped Pine refine their values and strengths into language that empowers them to communicate the essence of who they are–the personality of the business.

The language channels the authenticity and passion that they pour into their customers every day. It emerges in their brand’s tone, the key messages they present, and the emphasis they place on guidance and service for their customers.

Here’s an example of a key message that incorporates both the specifics of what they do and the values that power their business.

It Comes Naturally

Natural materials like mulch and stone are timeless. They don’t go out of style and they last. We feel the same way about integrity. It is a trait that is natural for us and it never goes out of style!

Pine seamlessly assimilated all of these brand concepts into their business practice, applying consistency in everything from their point of sale customer service to the wraps on their delivery trucks.

Plus they built this sweet welcome sign featuring their new logo incorporated with natural materials. Talk about staying on brand!

We’re really proud of the way they dove head first into building out the unique attributes of their brand, and we’re proud to call them our clients. Great job Pine Landscape Center!

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