Pager power

We’re so grateful and excited for the opportunity our new building gives us to continue bringing the best in infinite dreaming and honest storytelling.

We’re also pretty hyped about some sweet new tech that’s gonna help us keep being a cutting edge creative agency. Since connectivity is a big priority for us, we kitted ourselves out with a brand new beeper system.

That’s right, new pagers that will help us keep in touch with the clients we serve and prospective contacts both. So pumped.

You may be thinking “Guys, it doesn’t matter if you have an amazing new building, the best work, the most creative ideas, and the sincerest of intentions. If your communication tools are outdated, it’s a disservice to your business.”

You do have a point.

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Ok, we don’t actually expect you to start paging us. We’re sure you can agree it’s easy to be sentimental for timeworn ways of doing things, but there are good reasons they fall out of use.

But this scenario is something we run into often. Smart leaders who’ve built their business or career using hard work and the same sales process, website, and other business tools for years.

Our job is to help them be even more successful in today’s world, so we gently coax them to let the pager, or any tool that no longer best serves them, fall by the wayside in favor of something better.

We love helping our clients harness emerging technologies that empower them to reach the people they’re striving to connect with in fresh ways. We love it so much, we’re going to let you in on a big “something better” tool right now.

Consumers are spending an average of six hours a day watching video . That’s about 37% of awake hours spent watching moving pictures.

No wonder YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

The irony is that average attention spans are shorter than ever. That means that effective videos have to be powerfully dynamic and immediately engaging.

That can be a hard connection to make even if you have the latest in beeper technology.

But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for using the recording machine (hopefully not actually a beeper) in your pocket to create valuable video marketing content through platforms like Facebook live.

  • Keep it short. Short attention spans mean length is not value. Aim to make a video that’s less than a minute long.
  • Keep your recording device stable. There are inexpensive tripods available for every phone model. In a pinch, rest your elbows against your front as you hold the phone in two hands.
  • Lighting is key. Grab any lamp or light fixture, put it close to you, and make sure all bulbs are the same color. Balanced, ample lighting makes a huge difference in video quality.

Above all, be yourself. It can be nerve-wracking to get in front of the lens, but authenticity and enthusiasm will go a long way.

Endless options

Videos are a flexible communication medium that can bring out meaning in a big way, emphasizing the powerful elements of your organization in one cohesive story.

Let’s take a look at just a few different types of videos that offer distinct strategies for delivering strong emotional appeals that resonate with your audience.

Brand anthems: These types of videos utilize voiceovers combined with powerful imagery that both shows and tells the viewer the story of an organization. The narrative voiceover lends itself as an opportunity to shape the message the viewer receives.

Narrative anthems examples:

Kansas Ballet: “Start Small, Dream Big.”

Architect One: “Listen. Design. Inspire.”

Interview-led: Interviews offer the chance to let the people at the heart of an organization tell the story in their own words. Interspersed with dynamic visuals, these types of videos offer earnest credibility straight from the people who know the best.

Interview-led examples:

Topeka Zoo and Conservation Center: About

Hayden High School: Overview

Vibe videos: Exciting angles and stunning music leaves the viewer with a strong emotional impression and allows them to draw their own conclusions. This type of video doesn’t even require anyone to get in front of the camera, though that’s always an option.

Vibe video examples:

MotoVike Films: Three years, 300 stories

Bettis Asphalt: Grading

If all this talk of videos and emerging technology have you wanting to return to the age when beepers were the most complicated tool you had to deal with, give us a call. We’d love to help bring out the story of your organization in a big way.

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