Pay as you Grow

Rebranding is an investment. We’re excited to share that we’re now offering a new financing option through our banking partner.

As part of this service, Bajillion Agency gives a 5% discount to clients who qualify for financing. This discount offsets the interest.

Our banking partner is offering financing to our clients for up to $100,000 in a 5-year term loan.*

If your goal is increasing sales and enhancing recruiting efforts, this allows you to pay for it as you grow, instead of the lump sum upfront or in a year. Low monthly payments help manage cash flow.

With a 5-year term, here’s what that looks like:


-$2,500 (5% off)


Monthly payments: approximately $930 per month 

If you want to explore this option, let us know and we’ll help you set up the connection.

*All loans and interest rates are subject to qualification.

Tax Strategy: Marketing as a Deduction 

Can you believe the end of the year is in sight? As you’re thinking about next year, we have a  tip to share.

For tax purposes, some of our clients opt to pay for their marketing expenses for the following year in advance.

It’s a decision influenced by cash or accrual accounting. If a business is paying a lump sum before the end of the year, it is 100% deductible regardless of when services are performed. We offer a 5% discount for payment upfront in full as well.

Check with your accountant to see if this works for you.

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