Happiness Is A Warm Puppy

There’s nothing like a puppy. It’s a squirmy, licky, cuddly package of pure happiness delivered on four paws.

But holding a puppy is different than having a puppy. Cuddly packages of happiness also poop on your shoes.

That’s the story of happiness. It arrives with fresh bursts of light, beauty, and warmth. But when you’re not looking, it scampers aways to chew on a windowsill.

Happiness and puppies take work.

The good news is that with the right care, puppies grow up believing you invented bacon. They love you so much they follow you from room to room. As if you were the one who used to chew on windowsills.

Happiness itself can also grow with the right care. The journey of committing to your own happiness, and cultivating it on purpose is just as rewarding as growing a squirmy puppy into a faithful companion.

Happiness is not only worth it for its own benefit, it also grows your productivity, which makes happiness a business issue. Employers who help their employees prioritize happiness will reap the benefits in their bottom line.

It looks different in every workplace, but at Bajillion, we help our employees cultivate happiness by encouraging them to get in changes of scenery and work away from their desk. By hosting team share where everyone can come together to see the work we’ve created, and by singing and making music together at Bajillijam sessions, among many other ways.

Think outside the box and identify ways that may make sense to cultivate happiness in your own work environment!

Strategic happiness

Recently we heard three practical tips proven to help you grow your happiness. Credit to Neil Pasricha at the Institute for Global Happiness for breaking it down.

  • Take a walk in the woods 

Turns out it’s not just for puppies. Exposure to nature is good for the mind, body and soul.

  • Read 20 minutes of fiction

Fiction helps grow your imagination because you’re creating pictures in your head of what you’re reading. A healthy imagination is a key to being happy.

  • Journal your gratitude 

Writing about what you’re thankful for is a powerful way to unlock feelings of happiness.

Practice these and we bet you’ll see a marked uptick in your happiness.

It’s important to remember that none of us are happy all the time. Life is life in all its dysfunctional beauty. Start to think of happiness in percentages, or shades of gray as our designers might put it. If you’re 30% happier, that’s going to have an incredible impact on your quality of life.

A big piece of this is recognizing actual happiness when it licks you on the leg. Don’t forget to stop and savor its warmth.

Happiness as a brand

When happiness permeates the culture of your business, it becomes part of how people see you. It integrates with your brand.

We had the pleasure of rebranding Jayhawk File Express, a records storage company expanding into Kansas City. The new name, Stacks Secure Records helped the business build equity in new territory without possible blackblow from college sports team affiliation.

As we worked with Stacks, we noticed the people at the businesses they served were HUGE fans. There was an entire board in the Stacks office filled with thank you notes. When a records managers had a baby, one of the businesses they served threw him a baby shower. Stacks’ customers were more than customers, they were raving fans!

The secret was the power of happiness. Stacks had cultivated a culture bursting with happiness and gratitude. They used their strength of being a locally owned business to make a point of forging meaningful connections with the people at the businesses they served.

The rebrand took that simple truth and showed it to the world.

The new name, logo, and branding got so much attention that Stacks was purchased by a larger competitor. Now that’s happy!

Pay As You Grow

Rebranding is an investment. We’re excited to share that we’re now offering a new financing option through our banking partner.

As part of this service, Bajillion Agency gives a 5% discount to clients who qualify for financing. This discount offsets the interest.

Our banking partner is offering financing to our clients for up to $100,000 in a 5-year term loan.*

If your goal is increasing sales and enhancing recruiting efforts, this allows you to pay for it as you grow, instead of the lump sum upfront or in a year. Low monthly payments help manage cash flow.

With a 5-year term, here’s what that looks like:


-$2,500 (5% off)


Monthly payments: approximately $930 per month 

If you want to explore this option, let us know and we’ll help you set up the connection.

*All loans and interest rates are subject to qualification.

Tax Strategy: Marketing as a Deduction 

Can you believe the end of the year is in sight? As you’re thinking about next year, we have a  tip to share.

For tax purposes, some of our clients opt to pay for their marketing expenses for the following year in advance.

It’s a decision influenced by cash or accrual accounting. If a business is paying a lump sum before the end of the year, it is 100% deductible regardless of when services are performed. We offer a 5% discount for payment upfront in full as well.

Check with your accountant to see if this works for you.

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