Hayden High School

The Setup

Hayden Catholic High School boasts more than 100 years of tradition and the city’s best graduation rates. Despite Hayden’s academic and athletic success, the school had experienced a decline in enrollment for six consecutive years. 

The Essentials

Appeal to the next generation of Hayden Wildcats
Clearly communicate the school’s value proposition
Equip and engage alumni to become brand champions 


Key Messaging
Sales Process and Scripts
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Fact Sheet 

The Results

In the year following Hayden’s brand launch, enrollment increased 20%. The school reports a new level of pride and their visibility has improved their ability to recruit new staff.Shortly after the brand’s launch, a small group of students stopped by our office to personally thank the team for the new sense of excitement the work created within their school. You can’t quantify this type of outcome, but it is the most satisfying!
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The Work

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